Balance 20 is rebooting by itself couple times per day!


My Balance 20 is rebooting by itself couple times per day and that mess up our internet and LAN also.
What may be the trigger of such behavior ?
How can I fix that ?

I have firmware 5.4.4 build 1500 in use…

Thanks in advance.


  1. it rebooted randomly at defferent time?

  2. Any power outage there?

  3. B20 is hot? Ventilation there ok?

Please open ticket for us to take closer look and help turn on Remote Assistance.


It may reboot from 0 to 8 times a day at random hours
The surface temperature is 47°C
The power supply is connected behing a UPS
I will try to ventilate it to see if it ease the problem…



Even with heavy ventilation (T° < 25°C), it rebooted 10 times during the last 16 hours !!!
I receive Time Synchronization info, just this, on my UDP sys log but the log in the balance is lost on every reboot !
I am going to open a ticket…

Did you try the Peplink with a different PSU?