Balance 20 downstream speed issue

I have a 30 Mbps cable modem service but I am only able to get 18 Mbps through my router. I have the downstream bandwidth set to 30 Mbps. What setting do I need to change to get the full 30?

It sounds like you have a very old version of the Balance 20, and it was only rated for up to 20 Mbps of throughput. The new version has been out for quite some time now and will handle 100 Mbps of throughput.


Hi, please i like to know how i can identity the old version of Peplink balance 20? im interested in Balance 20 with 100Mbps throughput , i see this in Ebay:

PepLink Balance 20 30 Mbps 4-Port 10/100 Wireless N Router (BPL-021)
UPC 718122693610
Acording to item description is 30Mbps is model (BPL-021) this equipment have 100Mbps throughput ??


I would be careful about buying off of eBay and I recommend to purchase through an authorized reseller only.

Tim Thanks for your answer, i check and FRONTIER COMPUTER CORP is a Peplink authorized reseller, What do you think about this? : is from Frontier Ebay Store,


Tim now when i see this Listing i see says router have 30Mbps throughput , may be this is outdated information ?

That information is outdated and Frontier will be updating that, you can trust to buy from them.