Balance 20 + AP One for dual WAN connection using USB LTE and WAN Wifi?

I’m trying to find the right product or combination of Peplink products to solve a family gathering dilemma.

We will have 5-12 users on wifi.
We have a Verizon jetpack wifi connection. No ethernet port.
We have a T-Mobile USB LTE stick.

Can I use a Balance 20 with a AP One to make use of both of these connections at the same time, or does the AP One not function as a WAN connection with the Balance 20?

And am I correct in thinking that the Surf On the Go doesn’t permit use of both USB data WAN and wifi WAN?

You would not use an AP One as this is an access point only. You could use a Surf On The Go as a Wi-Fi client device connecting to the Jetpack and connect the USB stick directly into the Balance 20.

You are correct, you can only have one connection active on the SOTG.

Thanks for the response.

So if I wanted to still do this, the only Peplink option would be the Balance One or one of the MAX Cellular Routers?

No, the Balance One only has a Wi-Fi AP not a Wi-Fi client. You could still do this with a Balance 20 plus a SOTG.

The Balance 20 would handle the USB LTE WAN and the SOTG would handle the Wi-fi WAN as well as the wi-fi AP role. The Balance 20 would view these two connections together and apply any rules and limits in the admin section as it does with any other dual WAN set up?

The SOTG would handle the Wi-Fi as WAN and you would plug this into one of the Ethernet WAN ports on the Balance 20 along with the USB modem and it will allow for load balancing across both connections. You would still need a Wi-Fi AP for the local users to connect to, like an AP One AC mini or 300M.

You could also go with a Balance One with built-in Wi-Fi AP instead but you will still need the SOTG for the Wi-Fi WAN.

What I am trying to do is surprisingly too complicated to accomplish – requiring 3 separate devices. I was prepared for 2!

Thanks for the information, Tim.

I forgot to mention you could also go with a MAX On The Go U4 and accomplish all of this with a single device at a cost of $399.