Balance 20, AP Controller Pro


Hello, I need the ability to have multiple AP profiles using my Balance 20 and Pepwave APs. It looks like this feature exists on more expensive Balance units. Is it possible to purchase a license for the Balance 20 to enable AP Controller Pro?


Hi Ryan,

Licensing upgrade from standard to AP Controller Pro is not available now. As for now, the Standard & Pro version is defined base on the device model. For more information, please refer to the FAQ below:

Thank You


Thanks for your response.

I don’t want to read into it but it sounds like you might be making this available at some point in the future or would that not be correct? The ability to have multiple WIFI profiles is important - even for someone with a Balance 20. The Balance 305 is overkill just to have WIFI profiles - IMO.



Hi Ryan,

Balance 20 is designed for Branch/Small Office. Can you share the used case which multiple WIFI profiles is needed?


Thanks for reaching out… I have two use cases.

1st - I want to be able to setup a guest network for a small waiting area, which I can do but it would be on all my APs. I want to scope it down to one of the access points to avoid freeloaders. Having the ability to create an SSID for a specific AP would be very useful.

2nd - I have a couple of WIFI devices that are not very good at roaming. They move between APs (not a peplink problem) and end up getting disconnected. What I have had to do to solve this is remove one of my AP’s from the balance 20 and manage it manually. From there I added a custom SSID and used it for the problem devices.

The ability to manage remote APs, I agree, isn’t something one would need to do with the smaller models. Built having the ability to control SSID’s on a per AP level would be very useful.



Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the sharing!

I will move this to feature request for production team to take consideration. Your request make sense.