Balance 20 - Any restriction on which device can be upgraded to 6.x


I’m about to get a b20 on ebay and I thought I’d check first if all b20s are eligible to 6.x? (I’m aware of the fact that that i’ll need to pay for the warranty extension for that).
Or are there special date codes or serial numbers that are eligible?



Warranty is 1-year from date of purchase so you will be able to upgrade to 6.x firmware no problem.


Thanks for the quick answer. My question was not clear, sorry. I meant I’m about to buy a **used **b20 on ebay… And was wondering if whatever its age it was going to be upgradable to 6.x?


The only model that would not be upgradeable is the Balance 20L. This is a very old unit that was in a plastic enclosure. If you want to confirm the serial number we can double check it.

great, thanks.

Can you please confirm this SN is okay?


That SN is not showing up in our system, please double check and confirm.

Okay there was a mistake is the number. The right one is:

And the seller is also proposing me another one :

Any more luck?


Both of those units are the current Balance 20 version and can be upgraded to 6.x firmware.

very good, thank you.