Balance 20 and USB 4G cellular modem Internet

I have a Balance 20 with two Ethernet WAN connections (cable and DSL). Am considering adding a USB modem for 4G cellular Internet access. Can the 4G connection **replace **one of the Ethernet WAN connections and be load balanced along with the remaining Ethernet WAN connection? Or, is the 4G connection *only *supported for failover?
Thank you.

Yes, the USB WAN port can be used as a regular connection just like the Ethernet WAN ports. If you plan on using it a lot you will need a large data plan and need to keep an eye on it, overages are expensive. Thanks.

Hi Michael,

As long as the product model that support multiple WAN (Load Balance), the USB WAN can be define as active WAN same as the Ethernet WAN.

For product model that support only single WAN (Single Active WAN), the USB WAN will work as backup/fail-over for the primary WAN.

Thank you

Thanks Tim. There is a fast cable WAN connection and a slow DSL which I am thinking of replacing with the 4G connection. Once the router is aware of the speed of each connection, I trust its load balancing to send 95% of the traffic to the faster connection, as long as its alive and well.

Sitlongs: That is *exactly *the concept I was looking for. Makes perfect sense. Thank you. I looked at the website and the manual but couldn’t find this out.