Balance 1350 with a remote MAX-HD2

Was looking to get some prep-materials to read through, I have to setup a Balance 1350 Hub with a couple MAX-HD2-MBX-GLTE spokes.

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What’s the use case / application? Are you brand new to Peplink? Are the devices new? Do you have them managed under InControl2?

Application is Corporate to Remote LAN extension with multiple VLANS supporting different forms of traffic some UDP RTP, to multiple hosts- I’m brand new to peplink ,I was looking to get some information of 1st steps to setup this P-P scenario.

Depending on the number of VLANs you want to extend between the locations you have two fundamental approaches.

  1. Create a single layer 2 SpeedFusion VPN between the two devices, with an access port to that VPN presented at either end. Then connect your existing managed switches / routers to those ports to trunk the VLANS. (whatever VLANs you present to the access port at one end will be available at the other),
  2. Create a SpeedFusion VPN between the two devices and use multiple Layer 2 sub-tunnels (upto 4) one per VLAN that you want to extend. Then you can connect VLANs at either end via individual sub tunnels.

Some links:
Video tutorial on using Layer 2:

Really curious about option 2 - I cant seem to create any more than 1 L2 VLAN on a Point to Point - Not sure how to create L2 VLAN based sub tunnel

Peter West has made a video here: