Backup settings from Balance 380 to reimport it on Balance 310?


the title pretty much covers it :wink: We are using a Balance 380 and discovered, that once in a while it just hangs and needs to be resettet. I dont know if it could be a hardware issue but I wont take any chances. Because of the costs I would like to buy a Balance 310 to use it as backup. Is it possible to backup settings in Balance 380 to just in case reimport them on the newly bought 310? Firmware on the 380 is **5.0.2 build 1296.

Regards, heinzelrumpel


Hi Heinzelrumpel -

You may also want to look at the Balance 305 as a replacement. It is only $100 more than the Balance 310 but has all the same specs as the 380 except it can not do SpeedFusion. The 305 can be upgraded to SpeedFusion capable with a key and you will not need to replace the hardware. This essentially makes it a 380 like the one you have.

I will leave this for the Peplink team to confirm but I would think they can help you with the config conversation. I know they can convert configs when stepping up to a higher end model but not sure if they can downgrade the config.

On another note, the Balance 380 you have should not hang and require a reboot. Can you let me know if you are doing a lot of logging on your firewall rules? If you want help taking a look into this deeper please let us know or reach out to the partner that sold you the unit.


The Balance routers should NEVER need to be rebooted, unless you are doing a firmware upgrade. Please open a support ticket and we will help investigate:

Well, I did and never got an answer. Now the crashing got worse. Plz see my last Thread.

What is the ticket number?

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