Back up existing firmware before upgrading to 6.3.1?


we are planning to upgrade our (out of warranty) Peplink Balance One from version 6.1.2 to version 6.3.1. Is there a way we can back up the firmware before upgrading, in order to roll back if there is problem during the upgrade or the new version has a problem? We can only find an option to back up the configuration, and not the firmware itself.

What do we do if there is no back up option and the upgrade is problematic, given that the device is no longer covered by the guarantee.


Our device is capable of storing 2 firmwares. If you check out System > Reboot section you’ll see 2 firmware options. 1 is the current running firmware, and the other is the previous, which you can rollback to. Hence, I believe you can just go ahead with the upgrade.