B(One) - SonicWallTZ400 IPSec Question (Passing through B380 in Drop-In-Mode)

Hey Guys,

Balance One (Branch) ------>Balance 380 (Drop-In-Mode)(74.116.x.x/28)------>SonicWall TZ400 (74.116.x.x/28)
IPSec (Established)<---------------------------------------------------------------------------------->IPSec (Established)

*Everything establishes just fine on both the Balance One and TZ400 end but no traffic moves through for some reason. We have gone through as much as my skill set can bring me at this point the only thing that is different from every other IPSec from a Balance device to a SonicWall is the B380 sitting in-between them in drop-in-mode.
*Do I need to open any internal firewall rules which we have set to ANY ALLOW? Any Static Routes needed?



Balance 380 (DC) - 1825-169B-4945 - remote assistance turned on
Balance One (Branch) - 192C-150B-5ACF - remote assistance turned on

Hi, we just found that SHA256 in Phase 2 is broken. This bug is introduced since 6.3.2. Please use AES-256 & SHA1 in Phase 2 proposal as a temporary solution. Will let you know once firmware that fix this issue is ready.

Got it thanks, we are sticking with connecting Peplink to Peplink, SonicWall to SonicWall, and so on. Too many incompatibility or issues with different firmware and such.