AWS Fusionhub - route via NAT Instance

I have been using a fusionhub instance in AWS for months and it works great. I would like to have outbound traffic route through a NAT instance rather than directly over the IGW. Peplink wants the IGW/EIP associated for the inbound connections establishing the VPN.

The goal is to route all traffic through the NAT instance so I can use ntopng and other network security and monitoring solutions. I am sure this is doable, but hoping for some help so I do not bash my head against it. Anyone routed to an instance rather than the IGW?

This is feasible but not official supported, incorrect settings can lead to FusionHub inaccessible.

The FusionHub must have an Elastic IP address attached to WAN interface and you must have advance knowledge on AWS EC2 and VPC administration.

Summary: add a “LAN” interface with a new VPC subnet to FusionHub, configure route all SpeedFusion traffic to the “NAT instance” located on “LAN” network. I will PM the instructions to you.

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