Avoid Splash Page Every Time User Loggs In

Hi Guys

Model Peplink MediaFast 500
Firmware6.3.3 build 1778

Is there an option that the splash page is presented to the users every 48 Hrs ?


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Currently by default it resets at Midnight
meaning users are having to log back into the captive portal every morning even though they authenticated the previous evening our Timeout inactivity is set to Maximum (1440)


I believe this should be the default and expected behavior of the Splash page.


Hi Tim
I wish to change this
How can this be done ?


@roshan_f, can you share the used case?

Hi TK_Liew

Sorry did not understand

Can you share which of your customer environment and the reason of the reauthentication is needed in every 48 hours?

Well I guess my company does not want to relogin every 24 Hrs