Automated Diag report archive

In the limited number of support tickets I get involved with, a good percentage of those are related to device lockups in extraordinary conditions. A prime example recently is a pair of HD2s in HA at the top of a wind turbine.

When an issue occurs that creates a loss of service (so the device is not remotely accessible) and the customer has to power cycle to restore service, currently all the juicy data in the local logs that might assist with fault resolution is lost on reboot. This makes fault finding impossible.

Can Peplink consider a way to enable the regular archiving of log data? That could perhaps be to a usb drive connected locally or via ftp/nfs to a local / remote nas. I realise the diags are large so you wouldn’t want to enable this all the time, but when there is an intermittant fault affecting the customer service, the ability to schedule log archiving to enable rapid issue resolution would be worth the cost of the bandwidth required to regularly dump a diag report somewhere…

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