Auto increment ip address when adding lan clients or column sorting

It would be WONDERFUL to be able to sort the columns by IP or have the add button automatically auto increment the lan IP address… I can’t believe no one has requested this. Trying to page through the lan client list to find the highest octet number is very tedious when you are doing it often. PLEASE!!!


IP addresses in Client List are sorted in ascending order as below:-

If you wish to look for the highest octet, you click on the IP Address as below to make the IP addresses sort in descending order.

Thanks for the reply but that simply does not work… even when ‘online clients only’ is not checked all my users do not show up… many are wifi clients that may not have connected for a while. Where this sorting functionality is desperately needed is not in the status page but in the NETWORK | LAN page. I could live without the auto ip increment when you hit the ‘+’ button, IF you could sort numerically on the NETWORK | LAN | Client List by IP address. The sort only by client name on the LAN page makes finding the next available IP very tedious when you have 150+ clients. If nothing else you should just sort by IP and not by name… that way if I was looking for a user name I could use CTRL-F in my browser to find them. After staring at computer screens for the past 30 years I’m starting to go BLIND… please help! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feature request, let’s see how many other people +1 this and we will take it under consideration.