Auto Generate Device Report from Group


I’m wondering if it’s possible to have the csv file that’s available to download from the main group page for the devices be auto generated and possibly emailed?

I’ve found that there is an API that we could call but that’s out of the scope of what we need.

I think the best solution for you now is using the API. You can just download a sample shell script from the IC2 API documentation page, and change the last segment of application code to the followings:

curl $curl_opt -so $tmpfile "${api_server_prefix}/rest/o/{ORG_ID_HERE}/d?access_token=${access_token}"
jq -r '.data[]| "\(.sn)\t\(.name)"' $tmpfile

(replace {ORG_ID_HERE} with your organization ID.
A tab-delimited output of S/N’s and names of all devices in the organization will be returned when you run it. Hope this helps.

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