Attempted to update from 6.1.0 FW and instead got downgraded to 5.4.10 ?!


I was running FW 6.1.0 on a Balance 310 and I went to this link ( to download the new 6.2 update file (fw-b210_310_hw2_hw3-6.1.2-build2717.bin) but when I installed this it DOWNGRADED my FW from 6.1.0 to 5.4.10.

Anyone know why? How can I get 6.1.0 back and upgrade to 6.2?


UPDATE: I found the original 6.1 FW file and flashed that back up and now for some reason it shows 6.1.2: crisis averted! (though I still don’t know what happened)

The Peplink Balance routers have two firmware banks, so it sounds like it took the firmware upgrade and you booted into the other firmware bank.

Sounds like you are all set now.