ATT week signal in Pepwave Max Duo Transit

HI all. Last November I purchased my pepwave max transit duo.

I had only one plan at the time, Verizon - and it has been working fine.

We added an additional plan (the whole purpose of purchasing!) - and went with AT&T - 100GB plan for $55. That was purchased last May. The location we were at didn’t have great AT&T signal, no problem.

But since, I have tried the AT&T for service at each location, and I can’t get any more than a 3G signal, and even at that it’s pretty week. Speedtest run, and it’s often resulting in less than 1.2 Mbps.

Is there anything I can do with the configuration of the Pepwave to increase the signal? Otherwise - I’m going to stop paying the plan - and pick up something else.

We travel full time, and use this all across the country - and need the data for work - but if it’s not usable speeds - might as well stop paying for the service.

Do you have any device that is able to connect and get a good signal on AT&T? If signal is non existent, and you’ve tried external antennas, then you cannot increase a signal that simply does not exist.

I’m using Max Transit CAT-18. I’m making the assumption the configurations are the same, or, very similar.
In my case, I installed the AT&T sim 1st with the factory default settings. AT&T & the Peplink automagically set the APN to ‘broadband’. Have you tried that yet?

Is the device installed inside your vehicle? Have you tried setting it up outside the vehicle and checking the signal difference?

Given the nature of what a vehicle is, it is going to block signals from flowing through it. Generally this is why people install roof mounted antennas. The difference could be 30% or more signal loss. That could be the difference between LTE and 3G. If you dont have a roof antenna, you should. The above testing of the device outside of the vehicle would confirm this.