AT&T Router Data Plan

Does anyone know if there is an AT&T unlimited data plan for Pepwave Max Transit devices? My existing plan isn’t compatible with a router device, according to AT&T.

There is a 100 GB plan from Cricket and it says the Max Transit Cat 18 is compatible in their device checker. I haven’t signed up yet as I’ve been waiting to see some positive feedback from someone with a pepwave using the plan first.

Price is
$90/month for 100 GB
$50/month for 40GB
$35/month for 20GB

With high-speed data access, you will have our fastest speeds.

Simply Data plans are data only plans that allows you to connect data devices to the Internet for browsing, streaming, downloads and more. Picture and text messages are available with plans; however, calling is not included.

There is also a ATT Business data plan:
8mbps speed: $80/month
12mbps speed: $130/month
50mbps speed: $200/month
100mbps speed: $300/month
These business data plans are not to be used for streaming video/entertainment type uses as per the TOS. Other than that, data seems to be unlimited and capped at the plan speed.

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There are several options. If you want a legit plan from AT&T then look at what aqua shared. If you don’t mind going through a AT&T reseller you might be able to pull off cheaper. Or obtain a legacy/plan. Howard forum is a good resource. There also have been several threads here discussing reseller plans from the various carriers.

The cricket plan works well in my Max Transit Duo.


Just curious … What sort of speeds are you seeing when in areas of good coverage?

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I went to cricket and the IMEI checker says the Max Duo is compatible with their Unlimited plans. So, I’ve purchased a SIM card kit which will arrive tomorrow and I’ll see if it works. If it does, that covers AT&T since Cricket uses AT&T towers.

I don’t use it much in town (WiFi-as-WAN usually), but I was getting 30-40mbps down and 20-25mbps up doing some tests in various areas. I’m planning to bond it with a VZN unlimited reseller connection and it’ll be my “safe” plan in that setup. :slight_smile:

re: setting up cricket, you can activate the SIM online but need a SMS code to create your account, you can grab it in the admin interface of your Max Duo.


I just got the Cricket unlimited plan and got everything set up and it definitely appears to be working as intended. So far so good!

Got 49mbps down and 27mbps up in a recent test in town. Very good RSSI on bands 2 and 12 ~(-30 & -40).

Ping is ~30-40ms, Cricket is a direct subsidiary of ATT, so you don’t have extra 150ms roundtrip like on visible on verizon network.

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could you share exactly which plan you have? I see a lot of choices on their site.