AT&T Plans Question

I’ve seen a lot of conflicting information regarding whether the AT&T unlimited elite plan will work in my MAX transit cat-18 that I recently ordered. Some say it works great and others say all ATT plans are IMEI locked and it won’t work… Anyone have experience or guidance on this?

I’m using the $55 100GB AT&T prepaid in my Max Transit Cat 18 and it works great. I did give them the IMEI when I signed up for it.

I don’t know about the unlimited elite.


Where are you using that plan?
Do you have problems with frequent disconnections?
I’m in Dallas and have two devices that have that plan that I have issues with.

North of Austin, Texas. A few weeks ago, they were working on my tower (confirmed by seeing 2 guys climbing it) and it was disconnecting for 3 days straight. To be clear though… connected to tower solid, but couldn’t go anywhere. Once they finished, I’ve been stable since. I did stop using SmartCheck and switched to HTTP in the middle of all that. The thought being that AT&T likes seeing you browse the web…lol. I think it was just timing that fixed it though.

Hmm I have mine set to ping , maybe I’ll change it to HTTP.
Are you using broadband or nxtgenphone for the apn?
Did you change the ttl?
When it wasn’t passing data did it redirect you to the att free message page?


  1. Auto / broadband
  2. TTL has been locked at 64 for so long, that I had to go look to see what it was set to, lol
  3. Don’t know what it said because I was playing Xbox every time it disconnected. I would fail over to T-Mobile and magically Xbox live and Overwatch were back working :slight_smile:

There is an ongoing thread over here:

about the issues, I’ll try change it to http see it that changes.

@Legionetz So you gave them actual IMEI of your Max Transit cat-18 and there weren’t any issues?


Yes. Cut and paste to notepad. Printed on a sheet of paper so there were no mistakes and took it to the store. No issue whatsoever … they didn’t even ask what type of device it was.