AT&T and T-Mobile Data Plans Not Working with MAX Transit Duo

Can you please provide a link or plan name for the plan with 300GB of standard capacity? I thought it was half that…

Sorry the 300GB was a typo, the 25mbps plan is 100GB of standard priority and then unlimited lower priority, with 10GB of “fast-track” high priority data. Still better than limited prepaid priority data.

I made a post on this a while back but it got eaten when the forum went down and they didn’t have any backups more recent than two weeks.

Quick update

Peplink referred me to someone that provided an ATT SIM which works. I’ll be testing over the next few weeks, but it looks promising.

I’ve also ordered Starlink and plan to use this as an additional WAN connection. I’ll post in a new thread with findings. However, there is a thread discussing issues with using Starlink with the Max Transit Duo.

I’m considering upgrading to the Transit Pro even though I don’t really need any of the upgrades. My main motivator is that my current device is blacklisted by ATT. I’m also hoping the Pro is a little faster at band locking.

What provider is that out of curiosity?

Our ATT wireless business broadband account is still working great, along with our 100GB TMO plan but the latter could just be grandfathered in at this point.

The Pro looks like a great device - for $200 more than what we paid for our Duo in Nov of 2020 you get a faster CPU, more RAM, b71 support for TMO, and some other bells and whistles.

I would imagine the Pro could have the same issues of not being supported by ATT consumer plans, as it’s an even less desirable device in terms of network usage for them.

I’m sorry, but you’ll have to open a ticket with Peplink to get to the provider that I’m using. I’m sure they will refer you, but I don’t know if I’m supposed to be giving this info out. What I can so is that the ATT sim I have now has the same risks as prior SIMS as far as I can tell. It is not a plan that is direct to ATT.

Agreed on the Transit Pro. I’ll probably pick one up.

Interesting. I asked them about an ATT plan that would work in late March / April and all I got was that they weren’t aware of any issues with ATT after a three week wait or so…