AT&T 3G Sunset Firmware Update for Peplink Devices

Almost all of our devices are already compliant. Customers using a custom APN should update to one of the following firmware to maintain compatibility.

No action is required for customers not using a custom APN.

FAQ - Why is this needed if I am not using 3G?

As a part of the 3G sunset process, AT&T has updated their 5G and 4G networks’ custom APN behavior.

**FAQ - How to I update my firmware? **

Check this post to know more.

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In a previous post this specifically applied to Pepwave Mini and Mini Core devices.
Does this now apply to regular MAX-BR1 devices?

Cricket Wireless and AT&T are both denying access for my BR1 mini, BR1 Mk2 and Transit Duo running 8.2.0. I’ve downgraded to 8.1.3. All are LTE-A devices.
It appears that AT&T has removed many devices from its approved list.
I purchased multiple Pepwave devices on the basis that they were approved by multiple providers including AT&T.
Please advise how to get this resolved or how to get a refund on multiple devices that no longer work.
Thank you.

@dnavany, can you submit a support ticket for us to have a look at the devices?

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Ticket 22020864 is now raised. @Travis and @Mavis_Chan may also be investigating as I didn’t know how to best get this resolved. Apolgies for multiple posts around the same issue.

I believe this is an AT&T / Cricket problem (see above result today from Cricket’s IMEI checker) in the way it is classifying Peplink / Pepwave devices but I can’t persuade AT&T … hopefully your company can.

FYI, I’ve now been trying to get service with T-Mobile. They believe that the IMEI for my Max Transit Duo (MAX-TST-DUO-LTEA-R-T-PRM) is a phone and will give me a phone plan but not a data plan. I’m still working with them.


I also have a Max Transit Pro-E that I just bought less than a month ago, and a prepaid AT&T data plan specifically for this. It works/worked great, but I got a message from AT&T that they will be deactivating my account April 1 due to incompatible device. I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with AT&T looking for more info and that’s all they said. He mentioned the EM7511 and confirmed that it “may” work but it looks like they will still kill my account. Has Peplink been in contact with AT&T about this???

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I wonder if this could have anything to do with it.

AT&T Signs 3G Roaming Agreement with T-Mobile

AT&T is scheduled to turn off its 3G network today (Tuesday, February 22). But the company has apparently thrown a potential lifeline to affected customers by quietly inking a 3G roaming deal with T-Mobile that might keep some devices connected through July…At issue are the potentially millions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected to AT&T’s aging 3G network (AT&T has said that 1% of its network traffic is 3G, but has not provided a number of affected devices or customers). AT&T announced in 2019 it would shut down its 3G network by this month, and has since been working to move affected customers onto its 4G and 5G networks.

Saw some contradiction to this posted (see below) but roaming changes still may be causing issues.

Your Special Report on AT&T extending the sunset is not entirely accurate information, as far as I know, AT&T has not agreed to extend the 2/22/22 shutdown date. AT&T has said that as of today they will begin to shut down the thousands of towers affected but that will take them several weeks, which means that any radios that work today may stop working at any time when they shut a site, so NO alarm dealer should rely on any extension of time.
As for the agreement with T-Mobile that only works with certain manufacturers’ radios that can roam onto the T-Mobile network such as TelGuard radios. The long and short of this is, waiting to the last minute after getting almost 2 years of advance notice is not a smart practice.

I’m delighted to advise that I’ve now been able to get an AT&T prepaid plan and the device is working. The device activated as a Sierra wireless device based on its IMEI rather than a Peplink Transit Duo, but it is working!!!
I don’t know if this is luck or the normal great support from the Peplink team. Either way, THANK YOU for your great support and great products.


@dnavany @WeiMing What steps was Peplink able to take (your ticket isn’t visible to the public)? I opened a ticket referencing this one but I got shifted over to Frontier, who emailed me out of band referencing a FCC Case that had either already been opened or had been opened for me, and then told me to contact MobileMustHave directly in the future since I bought my router there. In my experience they’re only good at basic tier 1 support so I’m taking things into my own hands.

I tried sharing this with the cricket support staff via chat:

I’ve been using the prepaid cricket data plan since early 2021 and have been very happy with it, rarely getting close to the 100GB limit and not using it at all for some months.

It wasn’t getting any signal a few days ago, which I thought might have been a glitch due to a nearby tower, but it failed again yesterday when I needed to make critical work calls. After logging into the cricket app it said it was paid through April 2nd, but that I needed to pay $5 to reactivate my account - I did and it was still nonfunctional. I never received any emails about the cancellation of my plan, and the fact that autopay was disabled after data was cut off is not fair. My device is fully compatible with the AT&T network without 3G (I’m running a firmware version that explicitly supports this according to the manufacturer @ Peplink | Pepwave - Forum).

I’d like to see the following done:

  1. Data service reactivated for IMEI: ---------------
  2. The $5 “reactivation” fee refunded along with a prorated refund of the time when my device was arbitrarily taken offline.

Case #00027303 has been opened with the FCC regarding to this situation.

The first support person ghosted me, the second gave me a $5 credit for the reactivation fee, but said that I had to upgrade my plan before their chat service experienced an error and disconnected me.

I DM’ed @CricketSupport on Twitter and got the following:

Hello ----, thanks for reaching out. We see you’ve opened a case with the FCC, so we are unable to resolve this issue via this platform. Our Executive Escalations Team would be happy to review your FCC case and provide a resolution accordingly. Please reach out to us with any other questions/concern in the future.

A follow up from them asking how to get in contact with their Executive Escalations Team:

Our Executive Escalation Team will contact you via the contact method you’ve provided in your case.

Which hopefully goes to Frontier or Peplink…

Keep in mind that Cricket’s whitelist is not exactly the same as ATT’s. The whitelist is not only about the 3G shutdown, but they are also locking down what devices can be used on their network at the same time.

From my experiences the last few weeks, Cricket will no longer support your device if it doesn’t pass their IMEI checker and support can not / will not override that any more. You could try signing up with ATT directly, it is not as good of a plan (no Canada/Mexico, can’t add extra data as cheaply) but I’ve seen more reports of success there than on Cricket even though they sent out all sorts of letters to folks saying their device was no longer supported even though it is.

Thanks for that update - it seems like FCC claims are the possible way to go but I have no way of knowing what’s going on. Is there some boilerplate I can use?

I opened a ticket with Peplink who handed it to Frontier who handed it to Mobilemusthave who handed it back to Frontier and I haven’t heard anything since the 9th.

I called ATT customer support and my IMEI isn’t supported on their prepaid plan.

I haven’t been able to get a response from Peplink in regards to what steps can be taken, or if dnavany’s resolution was a fluke or due to action that they had taken.