Assign additional public IP to remote client over SpeedFusion?

I’ve got a Balance 310X at our office connected to a gigabit fiber connection with a /29 IP address and some available public IPs. I also have a Balance at a remote site (my house) connected to the hub B310X via SpeedFusion.

Behind the remote site Balance is a second existing router – I’d like to assign one of the available public IPs to this device… is it possible to do this? From searching the forums here it appears that IP Forwarding might be the answer, but I’m not sure how to actually assign the IP address to the device. I currently have the hub Balance in NAT mode with NAT Mapping set up, but my local router still sees a private IP as its external address (which is handed out by the remote site Balance’s DHCP server). Can I get it to “see” the public IP address as its external/assigned address?

By right, having NAT mapping rule by mapping a public IP to the router that behind the remote Balance router will do.

Can you share why assigning a public IP from Balance 310X to the router is mandatory?

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No, I can’t see a way to do what you want to here. As TK says, port forwarding is the usual approach and likely best option here.

Where in the world are you? We offer a public IP forwarding service over speedfusion / pepVPN, so could provide your home/remote router (LAN side of the Balance) with a public IP, but it naturally wouldn’t be from the same /29 block thats on your B310x.

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Thank you both so much for the replies!

My local router still sees a private IP address as its external address, which I guess is causing certain things (e.g., Xbox) to recognize it as double-NAT, even though the NAT mapping is forwarding directly to the router. I think if I could get the router to see a “direct” connection to the Internet with a public IP, this should no longer be the case.

“Rural” northern California. I’m out of my depth here (I feel I have a pretty good grasp of networking, but IP forwarding is way over my head), but if you can do that via SpeedFusion, can you help me understand why Iwouldn’t be able to do the same thing with my own available IPs and network?

UPDATE: Actually, after some further digging, it looks like this was an Xbox issue. I had to fully power cycle it, but it’s finally seeing an “Open NAT” setup - huzzah!

Martin, just from an informational standpoint I’d still be curious to understand how the service you mentioned works and differs from our setup.

Thanks again!

In your case you have a single /29 IP range. So lets imagine a public IP range of x.x.x.1 to x.x.x.6. One of those IP addresses will be used by your router (eg x.x.x.1) and one will be used by the ISP gateway (eg x.x.x.6) so you have four extra addresses available.

If I want to assign an IP address to a remote device on the LAN of a Peplink at the end of a VPN tunnel, I have to find a way to tell other devices on the internet about how to find that IP address. Of course your router knows its there so it should always be able to talk to it over the vpn, but from the public internet, inbound / return traffic to that remote IP address will arrive at the ISP gateway router which will then do an ARP broadcast asking for the physical address of that IP. Your remote device is not connected to the ISP gateway at layer 2 so it will not reply and inbound traffic will fail.

To get round this, we use two IP ranges. One for the WAN of your Balance (x.x.x.1/29), and another for the LAN of the remote Balance device (eg y.y.y.1). We can then configure the remote 3rd party router to have a public IP On its WAN in the same range (eg y.y.y.2). And this works for inbound traffic because we advertise x.x.x.1 as the next hop for y.y.y.2 to our ISP router.

Whats nice about that is that we can present that public IP address to the LAN side device but actually connect to the internet using whatever connectivity we have available - and use speedfusion bonding technologies to make it super reliable.


I see, very cool, thanks. And interesting. Can you send me more information on this service?