Assigen static ip to MOTG from fusionhub

i have fusion hub on static ip how i can assign static ip for each IPcam i have
bcz i want log to each cam by puplic ip


FusionHub does not have port forwarding capabilities.

This is on our road map and will announce once this is available:

if i have many puplic static IP on my server
can assign for each motg one static ip

So basically:


With the above deployment it is currently not possible to assign a public IP to the camera as FusionHub doesn’t support port forwarding (currently).
Otherwise if FusionHub was replaced with a SpeedFusion capable Balance/MAX router, you would be able to map a public IP across the tunnel to the camera.

FusionHub does not support IP address mapping.

Please get the preview firmware with Port Forwarding here.
Instructions to upgrade your FusionHub.

You can use Port Mapping (Network -> Port Forwarding: “Add Service”, choose “Port Mapping”) to map incoming port to your IP CAMs. e.g. FH tcp port 5000 -> IPCAM1 tcp port 10000, FH tcp port 5001 -> IPCAM2 tcp port 10000

As Jarid suggested, please consider Balance/MAX router if port mapping is not applicable in your case.