Asking for Fursionsim to be in base models where possible

Looking for input from the community to see if there is support for a request I am making.
I have been looking at the new Balance 20X and seriously considering switching from the Br1 to the B20x as our standard model.
The B20X is one WAN, 4 Lan (all 1G), 2.4 and 5 Ghz wifi. high throughput speed. It is a primecare product so lower up fron but small annual cost. (but includes the licenses you would add on other devices, such as wan smoothing etc).
One of the things we were initially excited about (only to have all our hopes and dreams destroyed…) was availability of fusionsim (ability to map sims from a remote fusionsim box to the debice). We want to be able to keep some number of unlimited sims available and map them to devices as needed when we see they are going to be on cell for an extended period and have high usage. i.e. we see someone using 1G per hour and their comcast modem is nuked and they will be on cell for several days. Map in an unlimited sim, switch to that and lower cost.
But…Just as in the Max-transit-mini , the fuxionsim chipset is in an add-on. In the transit, it is part of the contenthub. In the B20X it is in the add-on second cellular modem module.

The problem we have as a service provider i that I do not know where or when I will need this ability. I cannot afford to add a $250 second modem that I do not need to hundreds or thousands of installs in order to have access to fusionsim for the rare cases I need it.
I am asking Peplink to put the fusionsim chipset in the base device (assuming that that is possible) and raise the base price by a small amount if needed. i.e. I would rather the MSRP be $425 instead of $399, and the add-on second modem go from $250 to $225 if the issue is that the chipset is $25.

Please respond - would access to fusionsim in the base unit push you to purchase the B20X over the BR1/Br1 mini/B20/B30 LTE?
Would you be will to pay a bit more to have it in the base unit?
Frankly, I am likely going to make the B20X my standard anyway, but I am willing to pay a reasonable higher price to have fusionsim chipset in the base device.

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Did this ever get fixed?