Are Pepwave devices certified for AT&T Firstnet SIMMs or has Peplink submitted for this




Yes this is a work in progress that is in active development. Thanks


Currently, there are no FirstNet certified cellular modules that can be used in a router, so there are currently no FirstNet certified routers.

We expect the first certified modules to be approved sometime in May/June, and our routers will quickly use one of these modules.


Hi Travis, has there been any development on this subject?


Hello Travis,

Any progress on this? Specifically interested in how soon MAX-HD4-MFA-LTE-US-T will be able to use a Firstnet certified module.


Hi Peplink Team, has there been any development on this subject?


We will have several certified models by the end of the year. Further details will be provided at our upcoming US Summit.

FirstNet Device Approval/Certification

Just came across this thread. The summit was on Oct 9th 2018. Can someone please post what the latest announcements were? For instance are the MAX Transit routers going to be certified for Firstnet?


Hi Mandar_Mirashi,

Thank you for your interest in Peplink!
We are currently working on certifying a line of Pepwave routers on FirstNet – and yes, we have a MAX Transit on that list.
We’ll be sure to update the forum when it is completed!

FirstNet Device Approval/Certification