Archive Firmware 4.8.2

Hello all,
I needed firmware version 4.8.2 in oreder to update our BPL-380 firmware to higher version.
I cannot find it in the Peplink archive section.
Can anyone please help share or let me know where I can find and download peplink firmware version 4.8.2 will be most appreciated.
Regards, Thuy

Hello @Hai_Thuy_Bui,
You can find archived firmware at

Scroll down towards the end of the page and select the “Firmware Archive”.

Out of interest, why are you using such an old version of firmware?
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Hi Marcus,
I’ve a BPL-380 that has firmware 4.x on it. I wanted to upgrade the firmware to later version (6.4) but in order to do that, Peplink document stated that I must update to v4.8.2 first, then to v5, then to v6.
In the firmware archive, there is only firmware v5.3.12, there is no firmware v4.8.2
I’ll be most apprciated if anyone can help with firmware v4.8.2 for BPL-380

Hello @Hai_Thuy_Bui,
I’ll have to get you to raise a support ticket with Peplink, the team at Peplink will be able to help you further. You may also need to get an unlock key from Peplink to upgrade, Peplink has done away with the upgrade key awhile ago, though your system may be of an age that it will need one, again this is something the support team can help guide you on.
Once you have your support ticket, post the ticket # here as many of the Peplink team also are active here in the form.

Follow the link to “Open a Support Ticket” found on the Peplink Contact Us page

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advise. I’ve open a support ticket;
Ticket #9070213 has been successfully created
Let’s see how it goes. Appreciate any help.

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Many thanks to Steve Taylor for helping me out with the firmware update.
I’ve the unit updated and working well now.
Top notch support from Peplink