AP's went down for 5 minutes with no alert

Hi FOlks,
I don’t have auto upgrade enabled. All 3 of my AP’s went down at the same time, and 2 came back within 4 minutes, and 1 took 3 days. I had no alert of any of this activity. Only reason I noticed was due to

“Pepwave AP One AC Mini” -NAME (xxx-xxx-xxx) online on 2017-10-30 17:13
, after 4112 minute(s) of downtime

1/ how can I tell what command was sent to all 3?
2/ how come I never heard about the AP that took 3 days that it was down?

The strange thing is, if I run a report for the middle day it was supposedly down I see a whole bunch of statistics for this AP?
Can anyone shed any light on this situation?