Applying config is dropping all traffic

I have notice the newer Peplink Balance 20 routers, it drops all traffic, Sip, Vpn and remote connections to router after applying any changes. Is this new? Doesn’t happen on older PB20 routers. New feature?

Can you share what changes you have applied?

Anything in router. Port forwarding, firewall rules, NAT mapping, remote Access . Anything when the Apply button is clicked, all traffic is dropped.

Please try this firmware whether it helps.

I did upgrade the firmware when installed a month ago. Still releases all traffic when anything is applied. Will open ticket today. Thanks for reply.

Do you mean you upgraded firmware 8.1.0 a month ago? By the way, I provided this special firmware 12 days ago. Hope it helps.

Yes. So I should reload the firmware?

Please upgrade to the provided special firmware - 8.1.0s083.