Apply License to FusionHub


I am trying to apply a purchased license to a FusionHub that is already running with an evaluation license. The new license is already imported into InControl, but I cannot apply it to the running FH. If I reboot it, it still retains the old evaluation license. There is no “release” option for the evaluation license in InControl. I know this is possible, because we’ve done it before. But i think Support had to do it for me.


May I know the serial number of the eval and purchased license are different?


Yes they are different, even though when I placed the order with 3g Store I gave them the serial
of the the FH I was trying to license.


Please provide the serial numbers of the eval and purchased FusionHub.


Eval: 1174-B1A0-7FA7

Purchased: 11AE-072B-FB10


You cannot apply a new license on top of an existing one. I have upgraded your eval license to a purchased one and all you should need to do is restart it. Thanks


Thank you very much.


similar issue here. As project with customer was postponed the first eval expired before effective tests happened.

Eval: 116C-305E-DE8B
can you please enable us the “purchased” second Eval: 1105-AA13-037B


Hi markus, license has been updated per your request.