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My peplink br1 is installed on a yacht. Is it not possible to select new WiFi networks to host from via the application?

Not sure I understand the question. Do you mean you want to choose the WiFI WAN network from the Router Utility Smartphone App? Or something else?

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I’d like to change which WiFi network the Peplink gets it’s Internet from via the app.

Any thoughts on that? We are trying to use this product on large Yachts for internet management. They pull up to a dock, sign in to the new wifi via the app, all the boats devices are connected.

Not through the app, but it’s really easy from the web UI…

The web browser isn’t convenient for a captain or owner to make these changes. They can hardly operate a phone, let alone understand to type ip addresses into a browser to change an WiFi Wan source.

This functionality added to the app would allow us to sell a lot more to vessels.

(The owner of my company sent me this to post)

Hi, I am stepping in.

The problem we encounter is that our customers must use 2 interfaces from their mobile devices:

  •      The app to change source by dragging sources Up/Down
  •      The web UI to change AP when they are in Wifi as Wan source

They cannot use the web UI with a mobile device to change source as the select/drag do not work on either Apple or Android.

We would be ready to develop an app if needed.

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The app already does the source dragging. Its the main reason I use it with my SOHO in the RV since you have to disable/enable wifi wan when moving otherwise you get the packet loss issues due to WIFI wan scanning for an AP constantly.

You have to hit edit at the top right of the app then the little hamburger drag icon shows next to each source to drag it then hit done. I would say the whole drag drop for priority and enable disable is a little clunky but it works. Would prefer up/down buttons for priority and a checkbox for enable/disable.

Agree it would be nice to choose wifi wan network from app.

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