API support for MAX BR1

I am working on an automated interface to the MAX BR1. I am working from the API published here:

I have not been able to get the “POST /api/cmd.wan.cellular” feature to work - I get an error message that the WAN does not support cellular module.

Does the BR1 support all the features published in this API document? Or am I making some other mistake?

Thanks in advance!

Just to confirm. The BR1 is running firmware version 8.0.0? Beside POST /api/cmd.wan.cellular, the rest API is working fine?

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Thanks for the response! I am using firmware 8.0.0. I was actually able to get the command in my original post working - I’m not sure what I was doing wrong, I think I didn’t have the POST data exactly correct. Anyway, I am now trying to get the POST /api/cmd.cellularModule.rescan command to work - I just get an error “unknown function”.

Also, I noticed in the documentation that numbers in the POST data are quoted and sometimes not (eg, ‘{“connId”:“2”}’ vs ‘{“connId”:2}’). I tried the rescan command both ways, with the same result.

:thinking: Can you help to open a ticket for us to take a closer look? Please attention the ticket to me.


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I just submitted ticket #9070559 - unfortunately I submitted it before adding your name.