AP with independent networks on each port/interface?

Hi, hope its ok to ask a pre-sales question…
Do you offer an AP that has at least 3 ports (i.e. LAN, LAN1, LAN2) and plays nicely with a firewall like smoothwall or pfsense?

The LAN ports on the AP would need to have an SSID each and be completely independent so that clients on each network couldn’t talk to each other. The PC running smoothwall has 4 NICs and I would want 3 of the NICs patched into the AP on different ports/interfaces, each with their own wireless network.

Do you have an AP that can do this please? Any pointers or suggestions welcome!

I don’t think any APs on the market use physical interface for isolation. What you’re looking for is commonly achieved by giving each SSID a VLAN of their own. L2 Isolation will prevent users on the same Wi-Fi from “seeing” one another.