AP Rugged specs


Looking to add some to our fleet. Do all the AP One Rugged have 3x3 Mimo? Or is that a recent addition? I don’t want to buy something over the internet and find out that it is an older model without that feature. I need the fastest wifi we can get.


Check with your supplier before purchasing.
We only have the new model in stock and I’m pretty sure any trusted Peplink reseller would only have the latest model in stock


How can I identify? I already have some AP Rugged, I don’t know if they have the higher speed for 5g or not? Are there different hardware versions or model numbers? The one I already have is xxxxxx. How do I know if it has the feature?


The AP ONE Rugged replaced the AP One 300M.
I have just checked the original release announcement from Peplink on the 15th June 2016 and it states the following;
“The AP One 300M Will Be Replaced With the AP One Rugged: The AP One Rugged provides 3x3 MIMO 11ac Wi-Fi in a tough metal enclosure.”
This means that all AP ONE Rugged will have 3x3 MIMO 11ac.
I would advise that you remove your serial number from the post above.