AP PAssword does not work

I have a pepwave surf soho 3g/4g router. I connected to the wifi at the motel room as described in the WIFI as a WAN document from the vendor and I can access the internet. If I then try to connect my phone to the router on the wifi using the AP password on the bottom of the router, it will not connect. I can connect my phone to the motel wifi OK. If I then unplug my PC from the Lan port and try to connect my PC to the surf soho wifi using the AP password on the router label, it cannot connect either.

Is there a place in the router admin screens where the AP Password on the label can be changed?



Once you log into the SOHO just click on “Details” next to Wi-Fi AP at the bottom of the Dashboard. From there you can configure SOHO SSID name and password.