AP One Rugged SSID not broadcasting no BSSID/Channel



I have multiple AP One Rugged at a site broadcasting various SSID’s

My issue is I have a SSID that does not broadcast and I can see that there is no BSSID and channel assigned to it on the AP interface GUI.

How can I fix this asap.


Very curious and unexpected. While we are not fans of the “reboot and that will solve everything” approach (:face_with_raised_eyebrow:), I think I’d likely reset to factory default and then instruct the router’s AP controller re-provision it. If that does not work I’d open a support ticket.


I have done that already and still no fix, Peplink sent me a new FW to apply and test and that also did not work. HELP!!!


That’s quite surprising,actually. The AP One Rugged is a solid product, from our experience, and it’s curious that you have one that is acting up like that. I’d say your best route is the support ticket.

Please let us know the results!


I have already logged a ticket… Ticket #791995

Do you perhaps have a support contact number for me?

Its more than one AP infact a few sites so its definately on IC2 side where the issue is as the other SSIDS are working fine.

I have created a new test SSID and that pulls through and broadcast just fine.


Found the problem the SSID has MAC filtering enabled with a couple of hundred addresses specified, once I removed mac filtering it is working. Seems that the mac address list reached a limit…