AP One Rugged - SECURITY. Is there a read only 'user' account in this unit like the SOHO 3? Why offer vital configuration info for snoopers on the network by default at all?

Hi, on my SOHO I have the dubious user known as ‘user’ which in default form and as shipped, allows anybody to log onto to the SOHO and view it’s config! Yes, I have now put in a super secure password - but why have the user at all?

More importantly, does the AP One also have the same ‘user’ and if so where can I disable it and/or add a similar super secure password? (I’m hoping it doesn’t have such an account) . . .

My worry, is that the first thing a hacker wants to do is ‘scope out’ the network he/she hopes to penetrate, and the default user account is a perfect gift in that respect! O.K. I’ve made it as hard as the (renamed) admin account to access on the main SOHO 3, but need to make sure my LAN’s ‘sidekick’ - the AP One Rugged isn’t similarly configured and a Pepwave gift for snoopers!

Thanks Tereza