AP One Rugged - Firmware

Hi is the 3.6.0s2 is latest? I can not find 3.6.0s20 build 1850 in the this forum.

Hi stevenp,

Are you having any particular issues with the AP? You could try 3.6.0s18.


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Yes, My Samsung Note 4 been keep disconnecting from AP.

**** Removed the Shared logs

Any release note for s18 and s20 firmware?


I have moved you to a new thread … Look like you are discussing other things than the previous forum post that working on.

Beside that, i have removed the logs message shared previously as that included the device MAC address that should’t share in public post.

Would you able to share more info for the above problem ? You experience that connection issue for the phone or you just checking on the logs ?

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After changed to firmware 3.6.0s18 it more stable compared to 3.6.0s20.