AP one offline on B20x but online in inControl2?


Before my warranty expires, i thought I’d give inControl2 another try as a home user. B20x with 2 AP One minis managed.

All devices showing online in inControl2, but noticed the APs are now showing offline on the B20x.

I did change each AP to inControl:

But left the AP controller management intact on the B20x:

Normal for the B20x to no longer see the APs given they are now connected to inControl?

inControl WIFI management hasn’t been enabled yet. Seems there is no easy way to import existing settings and have to recreate them (as well as radio settings) from scratch in inControl2.

For now, I can’t manage the AP specific radio setting overrides.

Hi @stego, its expected, since InControl 2 is managing your AP’s and not Balance 20X AP controller. You will have to recreate your settings on InControl 2 or locally on the AP’s if you would like to have your previous configuration.

Thanks @Rokas_Musteikis, but until I enable wifi management in inControl2, I can’t modify any custom radio settings etc for the AP correct?

Is there a quick way to move the SSID related config to inControl2? I assumed an import like you have for firewall rules for instance…

Or I have to manually re-create the SSID and radio configuration in inControl, then enable WIFI management?

@stego, Radio and SSID settings can not be imported to InControl 2, so manual configuration is needed. You can modify your AP’s SSID and radio settings, but only using remote web admin feature or locally until you would enable Wi-Fi and Radio management, when it will be enabled your local settings will be overwritten to your InControl 2 ones. You can assign tags to your AP’s create SSID profiles and then enable Wi-Fi management or do it other way around, it’s up to end user preference.