AP ONE MINI configurations as DHCP for WIFI and LAN

I have spent many hours reading and trying out many combinations for configurations. i have a 5 port switch and 2 PC’s in a case with a PEPWAVE AP ONE mini for wifi access.
I have set the AP SSID and connected as RELAY, the lAN is the DHCP with ranges set. LAn works no problem . WIFI attaches and gets IP address but cannot see attached PC’s ( servers) …

need help ,


What do you mean “cannot see attached PC’s” ?

  1. Do you able to ping to the servers ?
  2. May i know what application running on the servers that you need to access ?
  3. Can you share us the AP RELAY setting as mention for us to verify ?
  4. Just to confirm WIFI & LAN are running same broadcast domain ?

No are not able to ping servers,

No reason for application ?

All I’m after is a setting so that the wifi and LAN are on the same network! DHCP issues IP addresses. There is NO internet required just a closed network in a remote factory !

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Make sure layer 2 encapsulation is disabled in the access point. If you have a VLan for Wifi, make sure that the inter-VLan routing is enabled.

If you built a special VLan for Wifi, then make sure your internal network access rules allow the traffic between the two. They are in the firewall area of the router.

If you haven’t done anything with VLANS, then just make sure that all of the IPs in the network have the same subnet mask and default gateways configured.

You also need to make sure that any firewalls on the servers and the clients are configured to allow the connections you are trying to make. If all that fails, try plugging in a laptop via a wire and see if you can get to the servers.

Good luck. Networking can be complex - the more detail you provide, the better help you will receive.