AP One Flex 300M shows Disconnected when it's not

I have two AP One Flex 300Ms both connected to an AP one AC mini via WDS. Both were upgraded from 3.4.x, but are running 3.5.2.

One shows disconnected, one shows connected. Both are configured identically other than their names, their WDS configuration, and their IP addresses.

There are no issues with connectivity as far as I can see, and I have rebooted both units quite a bit without any issues. I’m just concerned that it says Disconnected on the main dashboard and will cause problems in the future. Please see screen shot below.

Hi Steve,

This is expected since AC Mini and Flex 300M are connected via WDS.

I believe no cable was connected to above unit. This is an indication of showing the status of ethernet port.

So why does one say connected, and the other, configured via WDS as well, and no cable, say Connected?

Hi Steve,

Please help to open ticket and attach Diagnostic Report for both units. Please let tech support know which unit show connected.

Thank you.