Ap one flex 300m restarting

I just wanted to get some other’s thoughts on this issue I’m having with a flex 300m. When I unboxed it at my desk and configured it, I had no issues what so ever. I had the AP plugged into the POE injector that it came with and had the POE injector connected to a small 4 port switch (non-POE) I keep under my desk. Once I had to all configured and ready to go, I ran a cable (CAT6) from the wiring closet out onto the roof of one of the stores I work for and mounted the AP on the edge of the roof. I then went back inside and did a continuous ping on it so I would know when it came up. What’s happening is that the AP will boot up long enough for a couple of ping responses and then power off and reboot. I have the data in side of the POE injector going into one of our non-POE switches and the data/power out side running to the AP on the roof. The cable run is only about 120 - 130 feet which is well under specifications. I haven’t got back up on the roof yet to take it down and bring it back inside (because it’s been in the mid 90’s the last few days) and I wanted to see if maybe it was something else before I took it down. Any thoughts?


  1. How you confirm AP was rebooted? Based on the respond from ping test or power LED on the AP?

  2. Both cables attached to data in and data out also about 120-130 feets?

  3. Have you connect the cable (from data in of power injector) to your laptop and do ping test? What is the result?

I know the AP is restarting because the WLAN SSID disappears at the same time the pings start failing along with the link light on the switch goes out. After about 1 or 2 seconds, the link light on the switch comes back on and about a minute later the WLAN SSID shows up for a couple of seconds and the cycle repeats itself. The cable from the switch to the POE injector is a 5 foot patch cable, only the cable from the POE injector to the AP is 120 -130 feet. Unfortunately, I have not had time to test by plugging my laptop into the data in side of the injector. I thought about that on my way home Friday, but I haven’t had a chance yet. I’ll try to get to it this afternoon, but I don’t know if I’ll get a chance today since we have an installer coming from Meraki to do an install at another one of the stores starting today. I’ll post back as soon as I get a chance to try that. Thanks for your help!

UPDATE: I had a few minutes to plug my laptop directly into the data in port of the POE injector and I still get the same issue. I also took another Flex AP that is new out of the box and set it up and took it up to the roof and I get the same results. I also used a cable tester and verified the cable is working correctly and within specs. Unfortunately, my tester is not capable of measuring cross-talk and attenuation, so I can’t verify any interference.


Possible to arrange to perform the test below to isolate the network cables issue ?

Switch <–5 foot patch–> Data IN–Power injector-- Data + PWR Out <– 120-130 feet CAT6 –> LAPTOP/Notebook

Do confirm whether you have any issue for the connected LAPTOP/Notebook.

If the connected LAPTOP/Notebook have no issue for the network connection, please open a support ticket here.

OK, so here’s the latest update. I have found that as long as I don’t connect the AP to the main network, it stays up and never goes down. But if I plug the AP into the main network, it starts doing it’s reboot cycle. If I plug the AP into a standalone 5 port switch (that doesn’t plug into the main network), it stays up. But if I plug that switch into the main network, it starts rebooting. This issue makes no sense to me. I’ve never had an issue like this before. This is a new AP and I’ve tested it with a second new AP and it does the same thing. I have verified that there is not an IP conflict as well. Surely I’m not the only person who has had something like this to happen before. Thanks to all who have helped me thus far!


Please open a support ticket here & Peplink support can help you to further diagnose the issue.

Thank you

Ok, so yesterday I changed the management VLAN on the AP from the default which is 0, to VLAN 1. I lost connectivity to and had to set my laptop’s NIC to VLAN ID 1 so I could access the AP web management once again. In the meantime, I plugged the AP into the main network and it stayed up for over 30 minutes. I then changed the management VLAN on the AP back to 0 and left it plugged into the main network and it’s been up for almost 24 hours now without restarting. Doesn’t make any sense to me, but it seems to be working correctly for now. Starting next week, I will be upgrading out network infrastructure from a piece mill network consisting of managed and unmanaged Netgear and 3com switches, to new Cisco SG500 series manageable and stackable switches. Perhaps some combination of old crappy switches is causing the problem. One of switches at the MDF is 16 years old according to the firmware. I’ll update this thread when I get further along with this project.