AP One AC Mini

On Friday, I received my first few PepLink products for testing in our lab. I have 2 Balance 20s and an AP One AC Mini. When I factory default the AP and reconnect it, it pulls the SSID, VLAN, and other SSID-specific settings perfectly from InControl 2. The thing I can’t figure out is how to have the AP automatically move to the management vlan (99) from the native vlan (1). Right now, it is connected directly to the Balance 20 LAN port. Eventually, there will be a managed switch and it will be configured to a trunk port. Can I use DHCP Option 43 on VLAN1 to have the AP automatically move from the native to the management vlan? Or is there something in the switch configuration I will need to do to change this?

I did more research on this and some investigating with WireShark. It appears the AP One AC Mini doesn’t advertise an option 43… I guess I will add that to the feature request forum.


This can be achieve easily. I assume connection as below.

AP —> (Port 2) Switch (Port 1) —> B20

  1. Configure Vlan 99 in switch.

  2. Configure Vlan 99 as Native Vlan in switch.

  3. Assign port 1 and 2 above as Vlan 99 in switch.