AP One AC Mini with no 5GHz radio?

I have two AP One AC Mini’s, both on Firmware 3.6.1 Build 1889, one unit is fine, but the other seems to be missing the 5GHz radio.

The first unit has “Radio Selection” (with check boxes for 2.4GHz and 5GHz) and “Band Steering” option settings just below the “Enable” checkbox on the “AP / SSID Settings” screen, but these settings are missing on that same screen from the other unit. This latter unit is also missing the 5GHz column on the “AP / AP Settings” screen (it only has the 2.4GHz settings) and there’s also only one radio MAC address listed on the “Status / Device” screen. I’m not using a controller management for either unit.

Why would this latter unit be missing the 5GHz radio? I bought it in Feb 2018, the SN is XXXX-XXXX-XXXX, it was described at the time as “dual band”.

Thank you in advance, -Ed


This is not a expected behavior, please open a ticket for support team to check. Beside that, i have removed the device SN info for your previous post.


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