AP ONE AC Mini Features in the AP One 300M Casing

Will the AP One AC features (AC, dual band, etc.) come to the AP One 300M form-factor? Is it a firmware limitation that we can hope to get upgraded one day or is it a hardware limitation?

This is a hardware limitation. The AP One 300M is a 802.11n dual band single radio product.

Is a dual radio 300M on your roadmap?

Our AP One InWall is a dual radio product that supports dual band concurrently. This is something we are shipping today.

If you are looking at 802.11ac product, the AP One ac mini is a dual radio product too.

Thanks - we have a couple of the AC One as well - but the 300M meets our temp and size requirement.

Would you like to try the AP One Rugged? I might be able to get you a unit for trial. That product would meet your temperature and size requirements. Please drop me a private message with your email.

message sent! :slight_smile: