AP One AC Mini DC Power Input


I’m working on deploying an AP One AC Mini in a mobile environment along with a MAX BR1 router. The AP has a 12V input for power. The BR1 is labeled as being able to handle 10-30 volts on the DC input. My question is whether the AP can also handle a wider range of DC input. In the mobile environment, 12 volts really means anything from 10.5 to 14.5 typically, as various loads are on the batteries and alternators or charge controllers are topping off those batteries. Before installing the AP, it’d be useful to know whether it has on-board power regulation to handle the wider range of DC input, or if it requires tightly-controlled 12V.

Ideally, I’d like to wire power to the BR1, then from the terminal block of the BR1 to the AP One AC Mini for a clean installation.



Possible to let us know whether do you require built-in WIFI AP feature for the BR1 ? If WIFI AP doesn’t require for BR1 you should go for BR1 ENT model that support PoE Power output.

Batteries --> DC 12V-48V 2A --> DC terminal --> BR1 Ent --> PoE 802.3af --> APs (AP One AC Mini)

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I am using Wifi-as-WAN in addition to AP, thus the two units. Can you or someone decipher the terminal block power markings? They’re not documented anywhere. They are “- I/P O/P +”. Since your marketing documentation so prominently talks about the terminal block, I was surprised to not find any mention of it in the manual.


And please do answer what the DC input tolerances are for the AP One AC Mini. Your hardware engineering folks surely will know whether they included a voltage regulator circuit within the power design.



I have answered you using the forum thread below:


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Voltage regulator for AP One AC Mini are tolerance for the DC power input 10.5v to 14.5v.

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