AP One 300M / Balance 20 - No Data in Dashboard

I just installed my AP One 300M and took over management functions with the Balance 20. I can change the settings but none of the data shows up in the dashboard. By data, I mean it shows 0 clients connected, no SSID’s, no data usage. I’ve tried unmanaging / remanaging multiple times and powercycled both pieces of equipment. The data shows up fine if I unmanage and log into the WAP directly.

The AP One is on firmware 3.4.1 but someone else in the forums said there was a 3.5.2 build 1537 out for this device. I couldn’t find it. The Balance is on 6.3.1 build 3138.

Please update the firmware on your AP One 300M located here:

Worked beautifully, thanks !

Awesome, thanks for the update :up:

The firmware update looks like it’s given me another problem - the guest network no longer works. My primary SSID on VLAN 0 works fine. The guest SSID on VLAN 4 does not connect.
The wireless connection is negotiated, but no traffic will pass. I can’t even pull a DHCP address. I’ve tried deleting and recreating the guest SSID and powercycling both devices.


Please provide screenshot below:-

  • Network Settings
    Network > Network Settings

  • Port Settings
    Network > Port Settings

AP One 300M directly connected to Balance 20?

It was hooked to a ‘dumb’ PoE switch - I’ve since connected the AC adapter and plugged it directly into the Peplink and got the same results.


The settings look normal. Please ensure AP was connected directly to Balance 20 then open ticket for us to investigate.

Thank you.