AP Flex 300 Access point (Packet tx and Rx drops)

HI , i was asked by Peplink Ticket #752898 , to post this future request here on requesting to see the packet loss on this access point. (and other models)
with the new firmware and interface change there is currently no way to see the packet loss.

during our support ticket the problem was confirmed by Peplink staff on the packet loss between our AP flex 300 and IP55 Device connector as it was shown the large amount of packets being dropped
over the bridge connection.

since the upgrade to the new firmware i can’t confirm the rate of packet loss in the device anymore. i still see the issues from the packet loss but no actual way to report them . if i didn’t already know it was happening since before the upgrade i would never even know that there was such a large problem with the AP flex somewhere with the current firmware that is now loaded in the Ap flex.

my Request is to have better display of the Failed packets that are being sent over the device.

many thanks