AP controller Lite Vs Ap Controller Pro

Dear Support, i d’like to know the difference between Ap Controller Lite installed on Balance 20\30\210\310 and Ap Controller Pro installed on Balance 305\380\580\710\1350\2600


The standard version on the lower-end small office devices from 20/30/One/210/310 supports one profile (multiple SSIDs, and every AP having the same config) and you can only manage AP’s on the local physical LAN.

The Pro version found on the mid-range and higher models adds support for multiple profiles (mix of different SSID combinations for AP’s) and you can manage AP’s outside of your local LAN. The Pro version also supports an extra license upgrade to manage more AP’s.

Hello, I have a Peplink Balance 20 (6.1.2) and a Pepwave AP300 (3.4.1). Unfortunately, the user manual for the Balance 20 seems to have a lot of screen shots for AP Controller Pro which appears to differ from the Standard version. A couple questions:

  1. Does the standard version actually have a profile definition anywhere? I can’t seem to find a place to create/choose a profile.
  2. Does it support schedule?


  1. Balance 20/30 does not support multiple AP profiles. This is only available on Balance 305 and above.

  2. Balance 20/30 does not support Operating Schedule. This is only available on Balance 305 and above.