AP Controller IC2 vs Balance Router


I was wondering - which is better to control all Peplink APs - the IC2 cloud or the router on site.
I cant find 5Ghz preffered setting on IC2 but its there on the AP Controller on Balance series - and I cant find WMM on Balance series but its there on cloud.


Actually, it is depending on the customer’s needs.

Here you go for the setting,

Here you go for the setting.

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Hello @TK_Liew

Thank you - I did enable the advance settings and cant see the QoS :

Hello @TK_Liew

Please see the IC2 settings - it does not show up.

Also is there a way to get Band Steering on IC2?


@MacBee, can you submit a ticket for us to take a closer look at it? Or, if you have already logged a ticket, do let us know the ticket number, then we can follow up from there on.


I will raise a ticket.

Thank you