Anyone with a Peplink bonding capabilities in Europe? Bonding overseas issue, need help

Hello all, my name is Pedro and I’m from Brazil.

I work with live video streaming, I use FMLE and Wowza Streaming server to provide live feeds for TV Channels.
As a transport for that I recently bought a Peplink 210 and a Pepwave MAX700, and I use 4 bonded 3G connections.

Before that, I have own a system from another company (lightspeed, from china) which does basically the same stuff, bonds multiple 3G connections to provide a larger pipe and deliver a good quality video.

My problem is, I’m always travelling abroad to broadcast events back to Brazil, and for my experience with my last system, bonding overseas doesn’t work at all. Connection gets really unstable due to the high latency. But I haven’t tried to bond overseas with the MAX700 + Balance 210 yet.

Now I have a upcoming event in Europe next month and I’m wondering if that is going to work at all.
So thinking logically, I thought maybe if I establish a bonding with a Balance 210 (or higher) placed somewhere in Europe and route the connections using the “priority algorithm” maybe I can reach my Wowza server here in Brazil with a good bandwidth.

So here are my questions:

**- Does anyone know if bonding overseas works effectively?

  • If it doesn’t work, does anyone think that my plan, of reaching a physically closer Peplink will work?

  • Has anyone own a Peplink Balance 210 (or higher) in Europe that I could use for the period of my event? Maybe I could hire this “service”
    Thank’s in advance.


Hi Pedro,

1st of all thanks for choosing our product. Generally if it works in Brazil, it means you have configured the Peplink 210 and Pepwave MAX700 correctly.

We do have many customers using our products in Europe without any issue. I do believe you already have some answer to you 1st question. The performance very much depend on the connection/network condition at the location. High latency does cause performance problem. Thus it is very important to select a reliable line from the ISP.


Hi Pedro,

I’d love to see if I can help. I have a bunch of Peplink hardware kicking about that we could use to see if it helps. Any idea how much bandwidth you will need?
Does your 210 have both WAN links connected? If so then we could try Your MAX-> My Balance -> Your 210 in a Speedfusion daisy chain :wink:

When is the event?


Hello Martin, that’s great! thank you for your help.
The event is going to be from 29 of september to 7 of october. It’s actually 3 football matches, so I’ll be doing live streaming with some commentators on the days before the matches.
My idea is to bond 2 - 4 3G, but the I’ll be using 1mb - 1.5mb upload maximum.
I’ll send you a PM, maybe we can talk better on skype or something.
Thank you again!